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Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by the author, Evan Ronan, for an honest review.

Genre: Paranormal/Mystery/Horror/Adult

Plot: Living in a house that was the setting of a massacre three years prior, the current occupants, the Rossellis, start to experience strange and abnormal activity. Worst of all, the Rossellis’s son Billy is talking to someone that nobody else can hear or speak to.

The Rossellis hire Tim and Eddie McCloskey, ghost hunters, to get to the bottom of it. Though Tim and Eddie have been in the ghost hunting business for some time, they have never come in contact with an actual spirit or had the physical evidence of one through recordings or video. As Tim, Eddie, and their team of ghost hunters start to investigate the history of the house and the Moriarty Massacre, they start to realize that this may be more than just a regular job for them. Digging deeper, similarities between the Moriartys and the Rossellis surface, and they fear that another massacre could be developing.

Opinion: This is the first paranormal adult horror book that I have read, and the first book in Evan Ronan’s The Unearthed paranormal series. This isn’t usually the genre of book I pick out first, but WOW am I glad I read it. I have seen many paranormal horror movies and they all end the same, the spirit or demon is extracted and everyone lives happily ever after. NOT THIS BOOK. This story leads you through so many twists and it just keeps going, taking the reader on a roller-coaster of murder, ghosts, and mayhem. At one point I thought I figured out who or what had “done it”, but then the story switches and goes a complete other direction. I read this book in one day, so I think we can all agree that this book is SMOTHERED in ADDICTION.

A little more depth into the Moriarty Massacre and the Rosselli Family – The Moriarty family consists of the father John, the mother Siobhan, and their two sons William and Eamon. John was a workaholic and loved to drink, he was a pretty mean father and definitely let his anger get the best of him. Siobhan was a housewife, she favored her son William over her other son Eamon, always going on about how special and artistic William is and why Eamon should strive to be more like his brother. Not only was the mother playing favorites, but it was rumored that she was also having an affair. Eamon was always more reserved and quiet, which made it easier for his brother William to beat him up and pick on him. The forensics team comes up a scenario of the massacre where the parents are fighting and the father is hurting the mother, so William (the mothers’ favorite son) stabs his father in order to protect his mother. The father turns the knife on William stabbing him several times and then proceeds to kill his wife. William is still alive and ends up having enough strength to kill his father, while Eamon supposedly is just sitting in the living room…making him the only survivor. So three years later the Rosselli family moves in, the father John (Jackie), the wife Talia, and their son Billy. The family starts to notice strange things such as a recurring blood stain on the floor, their house phone will ring twice randomly during the day with nobody on the other end, and Billy starts talking to another boy who calls himself Billy, that only he can hear or speak to. John (Jackie) is very hard on his son and tries to make him tough so he will stop getting bullied by kids at school, but it just pushes Billy farther away from his father. As the story unravels and the Ghost hunters, Tim and Eddie, start their investigation, everything starts to get out of control. Billy runs away and they have to race to find him and solve the mystery about what is making the strange things happen in the house.

Cons: 1) The author has two different styles of dialogue that he uses. The first is standard dialogue that is in a paragraph format with all the “he said” “she said” and little sentences that explain what the characters are doing during the conversation. The second style he uses is what I can only describe as an “instant messaging” style. One character says something, the next line is the other characters response and so on. At first this really irked me because if I looked up from the book and then looked back down, I would have to read back to remember who was talking on which line. It also made it harder for me to stick with the characters conversation because it goes back and forth so “quickly” that you don’t get those extra emotions or side notes from who is talking. I want to know what their body language is saying and what they are doing while speaking, I don’t want to imagine them just standing there. After a while though, I got used to it and actually enjoyed the different pace of writing because there is the standard style of dialogue in the story as well. 2) Halfway through the book I didn’t feel invested in any of the characters except Billy and Eamon. I wasn’t getting enough description and background on the other characters for me to get to know them and actually care about their well being. I have found that the more descriptive and in depth you go in writing, the better. No reader would be upset with a book that makes them feel like their watching a movie inside their head.

Overall, I loved the ending to the first book in this series. The story grabbed me from the beginning and spiked my interest, but it took a few chapters before I was completely immersed in it and could not put it down. I cannot stress enough about how refreshing it was to have so many twists in the story, and it ending on a note that I wasn’t expecting AT ALL!! I felt attached to Eamon the most, which is shocking because the reader doesn’t start to read from his point of view on his current life, until later in the book. There were a few minor grammatical errors I noticed while reading, but nothing extremely noticeable. I am definitely going to be reading the second book in this series, I need to know how it all ends! This is an addicting read for anyone that has a fascination or guilty pleasure for paranormal stories, and it has just the right amount of terror to make you shocked and leave you wanting more.

P.S. Did I mention that the author put himself in the story? Makes you wonder if it’s actually a true story…spooky huh? 😉

4 Stars

With love and other words,

Jenaca ♥