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ENSNARED by A.G. Howard

Young Adult/Fantasy/Fiction/Romance/Adventure

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Plot: This is the third installment of the Splintered series by A. G. Howard, called Ensnared. In this third and final book of the series, Alyssa has enlisted the help of her father to rescue Jeb, Morpheus, her mother Allison, and all of Wonderland. Alyssa and her father, who has just recovered his memories, must go through the looking-glass world full of mutated and terrifying creatures in the hopes of saving Wonderland and destroying Red for good.

With the help from Jeb and Morpheus, Alyssa must find a way to get rid of Red and restore Wonderland back to its original splendor. Not only is Alyssa preparing for her showdown with Red, but she also must still decide which path to take: stay in the human realm with Jeb, or become the Red Queen of Wonderland with Morpheus as her king.

Opinion: SPOILERS! It would be almost impossible to review this last book and the series as a whole without mentioning some key moments, so beware.
Well, I am definitely glad I didn’t give up on this series and went ahead and finished it. After reading the second book, Unhinged, I wasn’t sure the series would continue to “WOW” as much as it did in the first book, Splintered. The first book in the series was creative and addicting, the reader was introduced to another take on the world of Wonderland and all of its strange yet endearing creatures. The second book centered more on character building and the drama that Alyssa had circling around her, while finally letting a few secrets from her family’s past come to light. In this final book, the story finally comes together and all the creativity is back and even better.

Alyssa finds Morpheus and Jeb, but Jeb is not the same guy he was the last time they saw each other. After going through the looking-glass, the magical powers from both Red and Morpheus intertwined inside of Jeb. Now Jeb has the ability to paint things and make them come to life, and Morpheus has no powers at all. Finally the tables have turned and we can see another side of Jeb that isn’t so boring! But there were some MAJOR twists in this story. Not only was I wondering how the love triangle was going to play out, but the “death” of Jeb was very convincing (you got me A.G. Howard 😉 ). The descriptions of the deformed creatures that live in the looking-glass world was both amazing and demented. I mean WOAH, these creatures are getting cut up and they don’t run away because they love the thrill of watching each other get mutilated?…speechless.

The love triangle is FINALLY at an end! I will be honest, I wish this would have ended with Jeb not in the picture but I am glad the author didn’t go with what was expected. For both of these characters to agree to basically share a girl and let her love two people at once is CRAZY! Jeb and Morpheus have HATED each other this entire series, but they came together in the final book and worked pretty well together. Due to Jeb getting magical powers and Morpheus losing his, Jeb helped create ways for Morpheus to travel and to give the illusion that he still had magic. Granted, Morpheus will always be that manipulative arrogant moth guy, but the author really showed a much more selfless side to him. He was the LAST person that was going to give Alyssa up, so agreeing to a compromise with Jeb about sharing her was pretty remarkable for him. I am really pleased with Jeb’s character in this book, though he is still mopey and all “WOE IS ME”, his character developed quite a bit more with him getting magic. I think that is exactly what he needed in this series, to have something that makes him unique and not so blasé.

Learning about Alyysa’s fathers memories and finding that he is actually part of the Wonderland world was pretty cool. All this time he could have been helping Allison and Alyssa. Allison would have never gone to the insane asylum, and Alyssa could have been way more familiar with Wonderland and made sure that Red didn’t come back with a vengeance and try to destroy everything. I wish the author would have went into a little more depth with how Alyssa got rid of Red, it seems like the action moments and fights go very quickly in this series. It feels like Alyssa easily skated through all the tests and big moments she was given, so they didn’t seem to stand out as much. With that said, this series was quite good and very well written. It does target more of a younger demographic because of the ages of the characters (teens or early 20’s), but an Alice in Wonderland spinoff is pleasant for any reader no matter your age. If you love anything “Alice” as I do, you should definitely give this series a go.

4 Stars

With love and other words,

Jenaca ♥

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