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THE HYSTERIA by Evan Ronan


Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by the author, Evan Ronan, for an honest review.

Genre: Paranormal/Mystery/Horror/Adult

Plot: This is the fourth book in the paranormal thriller series The Unearthed by Evan Ronan.

Morgan Turner believes that his missing daughter Megan has been possessed, and asks for Eddie McCloskey’s help in finding her. Not only was Megan constantly fainting before she vanished, but now her sister Melanie is as well. As Eddie starts to investigate around town, with the help of a team of federal agents, they find that countless bodies are turning up as well as more disappearances.

The team concludes that there is a mass illness that is the cause of the sudden violent outbreaks in town, which divides the affected into two groups: either knife wielding lunatics who want to kill or out of sight gun toting people who do not want to kill, but will if necessary. This quite possibly could be one of Eddie McCloskey’s most dangerous jobs to date, as well as the most life changing.  

Opinion: Well fellow readers, the addiction continues. There is no hope for rehabilitation, for I CAN NOT and WILL NOT stop loving these paranormal books. Why? Well where to begin?! It could be for the fact that every book I read in this series just keeps getting bloodier and scarier. Call me “Miss Morbid”, but I LOVE IT. Or it could be that after reading each story I put my Kindle down in pure awe and say “WHAT THE ACTUAL F***”. This series will absolutely make you question your own sanity for why you choose to read about thousands of bodies piling up and people just killing each other, and I’m sure your parents or friends will want to stage an intervention on you: “Because sweetie, were just a little worried about how you’ve been choosing to spend your time lately”. But not to worry, you’re not the only one reading these eerily amazing books…and if you’re not reading them, SHAME ON YOU.

Eddie McCloskey has just taken on a new job in Oregon to find Morgan Turners daughter Megan, twenty-six, who has disappeared. Mr. Turner explains to Eddie that Megan had started fainting all the time before she vanished, and that she had a government job that she did not discuss with him. As Eddie starts to look for clues around town, he starts to find that many other people are disappearing and that others are starting to act strange and attack one another. Once Eddie starts to work with the same team of federal agents that Megan was working with, they conclude that the town is suffering from Mass Psychogenic Illness (MPI). Though they do not know HOW the town is being affected, they do know this: the affected are divided between two groups – “The Knives Vs. The Guns”, the group that wields that knives are murderous and blood thirsty and the group that carries the guns are less violent but will kill “The Knives” if needed. The story turns into a crazed war between the two groups, and Eddie and the team of federal agents are caught in the middle of it. To make the job even more dangerous, Eddie finds that the federal agents have been receiving help from one very questionable character: Eamon Moriarty.

There is so much going on in this book, I have no idea how to get to it all without spoiling the entire story. So far, I think this fourth book in The Unearthed series is definitely the one you want to pay attention to the most. This installment surrounds MPI (Mass Psychogenic Illness), which is when a group of people start suddenly acting strangely or getting sick all at once with no physical or environmental explanation. Due to MPI not having a solid reason for its occurrence, this book can make the reader wonder why they’re left not really knowing the reason behind everything that happened. Basically, it is very hard to know what is going to happen in this book. I was constantly baffled about how the story went, and I can honestly say that I didn’t know how anything was going to turn out (for a suspense story, that’s a PLUS). Some things in the story were answered kind of vaguely and could have been explained more, but due to there being so much going on in this read…it seems to work out okay. On a more exciting note, EAMON IS BACK!! Oh, how I have been longing for this to happen! But of course, in classic Evan Ronan style, he is back in the most RANDOM way ever. He’s HELPING the federal agents. Yes, you read that correctly. Not only is Eddie dealing with an extremely dangerous and time sensitive job, but now he has to work with the insane kid hat killed his brother. But Eamon plays a pretty interesting part in this book by using his ability to psychically link himself to a place by pain, which makes things exciting. There were some very imaginative scenarios in this read that make it unique, the reason for fainting and the illusive mentioning to “The man who laughs”. Some of the humor in this book was lost on me, which was disappointing because I loved the sarcasm and witty remarks that Eddie made in The Accused and The Damned.

The Hysteria has proven to be another exciting and wonderful read by Evan Ronan, and I recommend this series completely! Not only is each book in this series a little different, but some are more suspenseful, mysterious, paranormal, or gory than the rest. Give it a try if you haven’t already, you will not be disappointed!


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The Opsona Journey Series Stage One Blog Tour + Giveaway!

The Opsona Journey Series
Stage One Blog Tour + Giveaway!

Opsona 1

The Opsona Journey Series, Stage One is a Paranormal Erotic Romance with a hit of Dark Fantasy Adventure. It contains the first three Opsona books; Immortal Tempest, Fated Betrayal, and Shadowed Intentions plus extras. Including extra content, title illustrations, and a sample from book four, Depraved Alliance.

Opsona 2

Stage One Blurb

Opsona 3“I would no longer be a mortal servant, a pet kept for sick entertainment. I had been chosen for initiation, to become one of the immortals…A vampire.
My transition continued on far longer than any other, filling my body with a pain that was beyond the natural senses. After four days of writhing in the burning change I blacked out, and what woke in my place was not a vampire. It was in a word…Chaos.”

No longer an average mortal Opsona warrior and far from a vampire, Serenity is an unnatural force that rivals anything found in the planes of the Underworld. An advantage that her master, Vondorian, uses in his quest to conquer the mortal world, while luring her into his bed with seductive promises. A flawless venture until the day she is struck down in battle.

Slain by a man with haunting greens eyes and hidden by shadows, Serenity has lived the last century of her immortal life with a nagging conscience. A lingering pest of a mortal voice conflicting with her vampire instincts, which only grows more unruly as Serenity and her master move to conquer the city of Tentusa. A small but important place nestled in a sacred valley, and Serenity’s former home.

With the pull of her former life drawing out the mortal voice deep within, three centuries of loyalty between master and servant are put to the test. Serenity’s disobedience grows stronger with each passing hour, and when a new stranger arrives things only grow more complicated. Which is stronger…Serenity’s desires, the mortal voice, or the creature she fears within?

Cret is child of twisted fate looking for acceptance. Half Opsona, half demon. His demon father sees him only as an enemy, and his estranged Opsona brethren, protectors of the mortal world, use him for their own means.

In his need for Opsona approval he killed the woman he desired only to find she survived nearly a century later. Now he is face with an impossible decision. Kill Serenity and fall back into the hell of a world without her, or disobey his Opsona brethren and sentence himself to death.

Everything Cret has known, loved, and protected has fallen. Having failed his former teacher and master he is now faced with the aftermath of Serenity’s rage, once she learns he was the one that struck her down in battle all those years ago.

The struggle between duty and heart has begun for Cret, and the innocent people of Tentusa are caught in the middle as the vampire armies arrive. Can Cret turn his back on Serenity, the woman that wants him dead, when she asks for his help?

“I had jumped so blindly as her request because it was Serenity asking, but could I trust her?” ~Cret~



Opsona 4

Opsona 5


Opsona Author

A creative mind trapped in a world of reality Jackie Sheats expresses herself in anyway that she can. From illustrating and writing to dancing like a mental patient while preparing dinner. Living in Maryland with her logic driven husband, their six cats, the dog, and a tank full of fish, Jackie spends her free time doing the backlog of housework and studying for her Masters in Illustration. A movie junkie, video game addict, and secret ninja in training she lives life under the idea that “if you don’t know how to do something, go learn it!”


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PAYBACK by Eve Rabi


Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by the author, Eve Rabi, for an honest review.

Genre: Adult/Fiction/Suspense/Drama

Plot: Arena, who has been abused by her husband Tom since she was eight months pregnant with their first child, has decided to flee with her two small children in the hopes of being “free”. Arena’s husband Tom is wealthy and arrogant, but also has a temper and hits Arena when she does something that Tom does not approve of. Unhappy and drained, Arena decides to leave Tom and start a new life with her kids.

But everything does not go as Arena had planned. She meets and falls in love with a man named Bear who might not be who he says he is, and deals with the repercussions of leaving Tom. Soon Arena is faced with custody battles, lies, sorrow, death, and murder. Now she must fight to be truly free of Tom and to ensure the safety of her family.

Opinion: WARNING: There is adult and sexual themes in this story. I personally am not a reader of the “erotic” genre and do not normally accept books from authors that are of that nature. However, this book only has about two overly sexual moments in it and the rest is an attention grabbing read. Think of it like this, it’s a Hollywood suspense film about abuse and murder with some sexy scenes in it. See, now it’s normal because sex sells. MOVING ON!

When Arena is just eight months pregnant with her first child, Warren, her husband Tom starts hitting her and shoving her into things. Tom is extremely wealthy, overly arrogant, and has this need to put on a show around other people that he is the most amazing and wonderful husband. When people are around, Tom makes a big production out of presenting Arena with lavish gifts and doing sweet things for her. Unfortunately, he isn’t actually like that. After Arena later becomes pregnant and has her second child, Sasha, she decides that she is going to leave Tom and take their kids with her. Arena opens a secret storage unit and starts filling it with expensive items that she purchased with Toms credit cards, so that she can later sell them for money. Eventually, Arena gets her kids away from Tom and moves into an apartment where she soon meets a man named Bear. From here the story takes off and gets very exciting. Arena is deciding if she can trust Bear, and Tom starts causing SERIOUS issues.

I read this book in half a day (don’t tell my boss 😉 ), and I don’t think I could have put it down if I tried. I have only read one other story that had domestic abuse going on in it, and it has never really been a story that I go to for a read. I mean really…it’s DEPRESSING. So when I started reading this I thought to myself: Self, just f*****g read it. So I read it, and I was actually very surprised with the direction the story went. Arena ACTUALLY removed herself and her kids from the abusive relationship, but then so many different strange and chaotic things start happening. I cannot tell you how many times I said WTF to myself as I read this book, which I think is always good if you are a reader. Whether you are saying it for good or bad reasons, the fact that the author has actually stirred some emotions in you is a PLUS. The story went from one crazy event to another, keeping me on edge and needing to know how Arena was going to fix things. I do wish the use of “baby” between Bear and Arena wasn’t repeated so much because it loses its sweetness when they say it in every sentence. The character of Arena was a bit bland for me at the beginning of the story, and I didn’t start to actually feel a personality with her towards the end when she was framing Tom. She started out being so simple and reserved, and then she turned into a sarcastic twisted character. I like to be connected with the main characters, whether I love them or I loathe them, being emotionally invested in who the story centers around is one of the most important things to me. Therefore I would have liked to see a little bit more character development with her. A GREAT thing about Eve Rabis’ writing in this book is that everything flows and keeps moving. I didn’t get bored or skip through lines once while reading, it had a nice continuous grab on me the entire time.

So if you are like me and don’t normally read this kind of story, I think you should give it a try! There is WAY more going on than some guy hitting his wife and scaring his kids because he’s a lunatic. The author keeps you both ENTHRALLED and ENTERTAINED until you finish the story and realize you must have more. But don’t you worry, there is a second book! – One Way or Another: You Will Pay.

4 Stars612B40E9C1CD2F68AD9B9A8097CED4FF


So many books, so little time!

PhotoGrid_1434476089937I am BURIED in BOOKS!

If I could take my .MOBI files of books from all of these amazing authors who have sent me their stories, and turn them into actual paper so you could see the stack that I have to get through…the literary nerd in you would be having a MERRY MELTDOWN. It has been a week since my last post but I am getting one together RIGHT.THIS.SECOND. I have been trying to get one book read through and get it’s review ready for it’s Blog Tour (June 26th!) while also trying to read other books, have a job, and kind of have a life…HA!

Do not fret…I am still here 😉


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OMG (Oh My God) (CUL8R #1) by Bob Kat

CUL8R OMG Amazon 1

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by the author, Bob Kat, for an honest review.

Genre: Young Adult/Fiction/Adventure

Plot: Fifteen-year-old Kelly Welch has just moved from Texas to Florida to live with her Aunt Jane, due to her parents recently being killed in a car accident. Soon after moving in with her Aunt, Kelly meets her new next door neighbors Scott and Austin. Scott who is very bright and has a passion for inventing things, is the complete opposite from his best friend Austin, who is the quarterback for their high school. One day while Scott is helping Kelly clean her garage, they come across a radio that was invented by Thomas Edison that could allow a person to communicate with the dead.

After Kelly, Scott, Austin try out the Telephone to the Dead for the first time, they hear a girl named Wendy pleading for help…that died in 1966. Now Scott has invented a time travel app that he hopes will take them back to a few days before the death of Wendy so they can save her. But while they are about to time travel back to 1966, another girl from their high school accidentally travels with them. Now the four of them must find a way to save Wendy, without changing all of history.

Opinion:  This book, OMG (Oh My God) (CUL8R #1), reminds me of the genre of book that I loved to read when I was a teenager. A book with a main character that was close to my age, thinking about things that I thought about, but was also packed with adventure and didn’t get overly romanticized. Though I would say this book targets a younger age group such as teenagers or “tweens”, it is a fun read for an older age group as well.

This is the first book in the CUL8R series, and starts off with Kelly who has just moved to Florida. Not only is Kelly mourning the recent death of her parents, but she was moved from her life in Texas to live with an Aunt that she has only met a few times in her life. Thankfully her aunt turns out to be really easy going, even if she is an assistant district attorney. Soon after the story starts, Kelly is introduced to her first neighbor, Scott, while she is cleaning her garage. Scott is both a brilliant and quirky inventor, but basically comes off as a very cool “nerd”. While they are cleaning they come across an old box and letter that was addressed to Kelly’s great-great-grandfather, from THE Thomas Edison. In the letter, Edison states that inside the box was an invention he was working on but did not finish called the Telephone to the Dead. Together Scott, Kelly and Austin (Scott’s best friend and quarterback of their high school) test out the radio and start to communicate with a girl named Wendy. After researching who Wendy was, they find out that she was a very popular senior who had apparently committed suicide in 1966. Unsure of how else to help Wendy, Scott invents a time travel app that will get them back to 1966 so that they can save Wendy from her unfortunate death. But things get even more interesting when Zoey, another very popular mean girl who goes to school with Scott and Austin, accidentally travels back in time with the trio.

This was a very casual and enjoyable read for me. Though it does target a younger audience, I personally enjoyed it and it kept me reading. There has been so many times that the main character has annoyed me after a while (HOPEFULLY this doesn’t happen in the rest of the series!!) but I really liked the character of Kelly. It was so refreshing to have a fifteen year old NOT be COMPLETELY obsessed with boys and them liking her. The fact that she barely noticed that Scott and Austin might like her as more than a friend was spot on, and the author didn’t push it too much either. Books that are overly romanticized and characters that are constantly thinking about their emotions gets so exhausting after a while (Yes, I am talking about you Twilight) so I am very glad this wasn’t the focus of the story. Scott and Austin are different from the usual characters as well. Social status doesn’t affect their friendship or their personalities even though they are so different, which is very unlike teenagers nowadays. Scott is considered a nerd and Austin a jock, but they are best friends and neither acts better than the other. Then here comes mean and popular Zoey completely “changing her stripes” and being a genuine person. I am just so impressed with the characters and how the authors shaped them, I ADORE them.

This falls into a Young Adult/Adventure series, but I think it could also be considered as mystery due to the characters trying to find out what happened to Wendy. The clues the authors give away to the reader are fairly straight forward, and the reader gets to be included in the thinking process with the characters as they try to figure out what is happening. I noticed that it took the characters a long time to realize that Wendy didn’t actually kill herself, which I thought was rather obvious. It just seemed to take a long time to keep up and to actually realize what was going on, which didn’t make them look all that bright. The writing style is fairly straight forward and easy to follow, although there are a few grammar mistakes and formatting errors in the Kindle version. Also, the title seems to be a bit misleading from what the story is actually about so I wish it was different. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series and seeing where the characters travel to next, as well as seeing if all that time traveling is going to affect them after some time. This is a great story for teens who can relate to the character and love adventure, or adults who enjoy a youthful read.

4 Stars