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Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by Raven PA, for an honest review.

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/Fiction/Paranormal

Plot: Life was full of nothing but darkness for Nathan Stevenson until Jasmine appeared in his life. She brought his innermost desires to the surface. She burned her way through to his heart to become embedded in his soul. He knew she was dangerous but would she break down his wall as he dreamed of her touch and fought against the impulse to protect her? Would their love be enough to defeat his demons? Was he strong enough to resist her or would her light burn irrevocably?

Opinion: First, the description of this book does not at all give the reader, or prospective reader, any insight into what this book is about. All we really find out is that the story is centering around a guy named Nathan, there will be romance with a girl named Jasmine, and that Nathan has some “demons” that their love could possibly extinguish. So, please allow me to give you some in depth insight to what this book is about:

Nathan Stevenson is a demon. He has been chosen to be the one of the next candidates by the council of Superiors for the next four years. His most important role will be to take the powers from each mortal sacrifice (their luminosity that both sustains and feeds the demons) brought to “Halloween” for the candidates and the demon populace. But Nathan is dealing with the stresses of making his parents proud, keeping up with his demon obligations, and that he keeps dreaming of a girl who he has never met. Soon Nathan finds out that the girl he has been dreaming about is indeed the next sacrifice, Jasmine, and that he will need to kill her in order to fulfill his commitment to his fellow demons.

This book is around 100 pages, so be aware that it is going to be a quicker and shorter read than other novels that you might be purchasing. I have been reading shorter books lately in exchange for reviews, so I am slowly getting used to the idea of less details and writing that gets straight to the point. But I will admit, I love those overbearing details to attention (must be my OCD 🙂 ). With some minor things aside, this is a really original read. The entire concept of a story centering on demons and their obligations is really interesting, not to mention the brutality that surrounds them. By brutality, I mean BRUTALITY. Nathans parents are downright vicious to him, and his is only sixteen. Granted these are demons were talking about, so I wasn’t expecting hugs and kisses before bedtime for these characters. But I will tell you that I definitely wasn’t expecting Nathan getting whipped and beaten as early as the SECOND chapter, just for being a disrespectful teenager. The beatings go on for the entire book, so if you can’t get past that then this might not be a book for you.

The writing style is unique as well, at the beginning and mostly throughout the book the scenes change with every paragraph. This starts to slow down as the story progresses, but it was really hard for me to get used to this style for at least half of the read. There were quite a few things that were not explained thoroughly in this story, or things that were mentioned and not brought back up again. Can you say CONFUSING? The character of Nathan could have been more developed for me. I am BIG on character development, and I can honestly say that I wasn’t too fond of him at the beginning. He lacked an actual sense of depth or emotion for me. While reading I was only SEEING that characters emotion, not feeling or understanding it with him. BUT, the story starts to get better the farther you read. This is a Young Adult book and the romance really starts to kick in towards the end, so be ready for that and the abruptly random ending. There were SO MANY ways this could have ended, and it just…STOPPED. *Sigh*…oh well.

Basically, a good read that needs some adjusting but has legs to really go somewhere. I am interested to read the next book in this series to see where the characters go and how Nathan decides what to do in his situation, as well as seeing how the writing improves.

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