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Sirens in Steam (Alliance of Silver & Steam book 3)
A song can derail even the noblest of men.

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GUILT TRIP by Maggy Farrell

857d26da7df3d862aa5e0abcc5ea9b38UntitledDisclaimer: This book was sent to me by the author, Maggy Farrell, for an honest review.

Genre: Paranormal/Suspense

Plot: After sixteen-year-old Melissa is diagnosed with Survivor Syndrome, due to surviving a car accident in which her mother died, her father takes her on a trip in the English countryside. While Melissa and her father explore the areas caves and local natural wonders, Melissa starts to experience and hear strange things.

A woman screaming and unexplainable déjà vu are only the beginning to the strange experiences that Melissa starts to face. She must find out if the things happening to her are effects from her condition, or if her mother is trying to reach out to her from beyond the grave.

Opinion: …I…

….*sigh*……I have no words. I have been literally sitting in this chair, staring at my keyboard in complete shock. I feel completely blindsided by the ending, and it feels so FANTASTIC that I cannot stop smirking.

You know that feeling you get when you’re reading a story that has a very nice flow, likeable characters, and a plot that is kind of going down a path you think your understanding…but then it turns out that the path you’re taking is actually left and not right? Or that this new path is full of already pretty treacherous rocks and deathly water (as you start to find out) and then OUT OF NOWHEREWHAM! A linebacker the size of Godzilla comes out of nowhere even fathomable, and just sends you reeling into the next hours of yesterWHAT THE F***year. Yeah, that is kind of how you feel at the end of this book and it is pure GENIUS.

Melissa is sixteen years old and still dealing with the emotional effects of her mother’s death that occurred a year prior. While on vacation, as well as a business trip for her father’s geological photography work, Melissa starts to experience strange things while sightseeing and while residing in the local inn owned by an attractive thirty-five-year-old named Luke. Reoccurring déjà vu when she turns the faucet in the inns bathroom, a woman screaming “help me!”, and soon after she starts to see visions of the past. Soon the inn owner, Luke, starts to take an interest in Melissa, to Melissa’s happiness. Only things start to turn ugly fast, and Melissa’s world starts to unravel.

I am not going to give away any HUGE spoilers (I couldn’t do that to you guys) but I think a few details from the book are going to be necessary for me to give an honest review, I’ll warn you ahead of time 😉 . So as I had said above, there is some MAJOR plot twists in this book and the reader will be left completely stunned. I think that is grounds enough for you guys to try this book out, trust me. I rather enjoyed the read in general, it had a nice relaxing flow and tempo throughout and nothing was rushed or dragged on for too long. The author used a lot of asterisks in chapters that switched up the “scene” or what was going on, which definitely helped keep me enthralled. I found that it was a nice switch while reading the story because I wasn’t getting overwhelmed with excessive wording or unnecessary ramblings. I would have liked to get a little bit more of a description of what the characters looked like, it would have helped me envision them better as well as have a deepened connection to them.

I have read some reviews from other readers, and noticed that nobody has really commented on the fact that there is a guy in his thirties going after a sixteen-year-old… 😐 . If you’re a reader that feels very strongly and negatively about this kind of age difference, be warned that there is a bit of that going on in this book. Nothing is taken too far in the sexual sense, so try not to let that hold you back from trying out this great read. SORT OF A SPOILER: granted things about the age difference are explained a bit more with Billie becoming more known to Melissa and showing herself, but I was still a little disturbed about it during my read. I was hoping it wouldn’t take a REALLY terrible turn for Melissa, and I was happy that it didn’t. Although, I felt like it wasn’t fully clear if Melissa was actually Billie reincarnated or not. I am still wondering if maybe Melissa just sees/hears ghosts or if she really is a part of Billie…confusing. SPOILER OVER.

I am giving this book five stars purely because I love being shocked by endings (which I find is a hard thing to do for an author), the writing kept you interested and entertained, the story had a nice overall flow and consistency, and it made you feel actual emotions once the book was over. A FANTASTIC suspenseful and mind-bending read that will keep you thinking for the next few days.