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READERS, READERS, READERS!! The Stolen Child by Peter Brunton was released on today in Kindle formatting for $2.99! I have posted the links below for purchase, as well as a link to the Exiled Series website where you can find an even deeper description on this story.

I just started this book and it is proving to be truly amazing. I should have a review up in the next few days, so look out for it! 🙂

There are roads that are not on any map. There are worlds beyond our own, where cities hang between the clouds and Guildships sail on steam and lightning.

There is a girl living on the streets of London, hunted by ruthless mercenaries and a boy made of shadows and smoke.

There is a place beyond the furthest edge of the Dreaming, where the Lady of The Falling Leaves is calling her home.

And there is a secret, buried in the heart of Rachael’s city, that will change our world forever. – US Readers – The Stolen Child (Exiles Book 1) – UK Readers – The Stolen Child (Exiles Book 1) – Canadian Readers – The Stolen Child (Exiles Book 1)