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KRIM DU SHAW by Talia Haven (Illustrated by Sytiva Sheehan)

Krim Du Shaw

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by the author, Talia Haven, for an honest review.

Genre: Short Story/Fantasy/Children’s

Plot: Krim soon discovers what lies behind a stone wall.

Opinion: This is a great short story that has a true knack for bringing out your inner child, who will inevitably be crying by the end. If you were like me as a child, you probably wondered what happened to those beautiful creatures called Unicorns. In this story, the reader sees the ugly side of mankind and the true beauty in innocence.

Krim Du Shaw is the dark and haunting tale about the extinction of Unicorns. This story starts out with Krim as a young colt, where he observes a place with stone walls and a heavy door that opens each day and closes each night. As the inhabitants of the stone fortress come out each day, Krim watches as the Stallions become fascinated by them. As the stallions feel an overwhelming urge to go towards the humans, Krim and the reader will find out what happens when they get too close.

This story is listed as being a children’s or YA short story, but I think it is highly suitable for all ages. This is my first Talia Haven short story, and WOW am I blown away by her creativity. This story feeds my inner child’s innocence and happiness, but completely just obliterates it at the same time! Not only does this story show the ugly side of mankind, it proves that some mistakes cannot be corrected over time. It was heartbreaking to be with Krim as he realized what the cost of his “yearning” meant, especially not being able to fulfill his need in his final moments. The writing is easy to follow and the story is only about 6 pages long. This author knows exactly how to condense a big idea into a small amount of words, which I find to be a hard thing to do. I am very interested in looking into other short stories by Talia Haven, this writer has me hooked!

5 Stars


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