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✬Jeremy’s Lies by N. Nieto✬

Have you ever loved someone with your whole heart? Even when all they seem to do is break it time and time again? Well unfortunately I have and I’m here to tell you it isn’t fun at all.
My name is Sadie and I’m head over heels in love with my best friend Jeremy. He says he loves me too, The problem? He says it’s his Dad. I say it’s my pants size. I may never know the truth but I’m starting to see that I deserve someone who can love me, not just when it’s the two of us but when we are in public as well.
Hey I’m Jeremy and before you get the wrong idea about me I’m here to tell you that Sadie’s size has nothing to do with the reason why I want to keep our relationship a secret. Okay, maybe it is. How do I overcome that? I love her, I really do but I can’t get my father’s words out of my head, along with everyone else’s. I know I shouldn’t care what anyone thinks, but I do. Can you help me overcome that before I lose the only girl I have ever loved?
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