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Bookish Questions


The Harry Potter Series

by: J.K. Rowling


I of course have to pick the Harry Potter series for a book that has fantastic dialogue and character interactions. I grew up with these characters, and I have and will always cherish and love them dearly. They are wonderfully developed and created, and even the “evil” characters have a special place in my heart! (Slytherin House \m/)



by: E. Latimer


I weirdly, but ever so obsessively, will always go for a YA/Fantasy book that is set in a winter world or where everything is frozen. Why? No idea. Maybe it’s the descriptive setting that the author gives me or the winter-like creatures that start to come out. OR maybe it’s the ever impending doom that at any minute my beloved characters could be trapped under a thick sheet of ice, never to be heard from or seen again. Maybe this has a connection to me liking Titanic? Rose just gave Jack the bird and let the m*****f***** drown. This could all be related.


Thirteen Reasons Why

by: Jay Asher


This has been a serious favorite of mine since I was in high school, and I have re-read it about 15 times since then. As readers, I think we can all agree that our goal is to connect with the author through their work. There are very few books that I have come across where I am captivated throughout the story while also dealing with a s***storm of emotions rushing through me. i love nothing better for an author to make me hurt or piss me off, and my oh my does Jay Asher do that every time I pick this book up.


One Hundred Years of Solitude

by: Gabriel Garcia Marquez


So this is by far one of the weirdest books I have ever read. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great book…but REALLY not my cup of tea. The book goes through 100 years of following the same family and showcases the endless mistakes they continue to make. Trust me, there are some fantastic themes throughout this story and the writing is INCREDIBLE. I just really couldn’t get past the endless amounts of incest…yeah, you heard me. I’ll just appreciate this one from afar.


The Hunger Games

by: Suzanne Collins


I cannot, for the life of me, remember who got me into reading this series but I was SO glad that they did. I ran through this series so quickly, I was ultimately depressed when it was over. 


The Harry Potter Series

by: J.K. Rowling


I mean, I don’t think there is anything that needs to be said here.


The 1-800-Where-R-You Series

by: Meg Cabot


This series is seriously AMAZING! This is an example of another set of books that i have re-read countless times. The plot is amazing: you have mysteries that need to be solved, frightening events and murders, a dreamy book boyfriend, and a completely badass female lead. What more could you ask for?


Wicked Lovely

by: Melissa Marr


This entire series has some amazingly beautiful covers!



by: Laurie Halse Anderson


This book was a really heart wrenching and emotional read, but I loved it. I read it years and years ago and only read it the one time, but it was a very memorable story. I think it was so enjoyable because everything about it, from the characters and scenarios, was all very relateable. I think it is such a great story to read as a young adult, it really gives you perspective.


Rin Chupeco


All I am going to say is this: Rin Chupeco, because she is a psycho and I love her dearly.



by: Rainbow Rowell


I still have not read this book, but I feel like every book blogger, bookstagrammer, and book obsessed reader has. Maybe I haven’t read it yet because i don’t consider myself a “fangirl” and i have never really gotten THAT much into anything fictional as much as some of these girls have. Don’t get me wrong though, do your thing ladies…no judgment here. It’s just not for me. Maybe one day though…I will read this and enter your world 😉

Alright bloggers, your turn!


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NEW RELEASE SPOTLIGHT! – Maid for the South Pole by Demelza Carlton

Maid for the South Pole

by Demelza Carlton


Hotel maid turned meteorologist Audra is determined to make her mark on the world without a man getting in her way. Seizing the chance to join an expedition to the South Pole, she thinks all her Christmases have come at once.
Until she returns to the research station and meets her new roommate.
When Jean-Pierre’s wife broke his heart, he swore off women, vowing to spend his holidays in Antarctica for one final season. He didn’t count on sharing a room with an Australian woman who hates him for something he can’t even remember.
Will the heat of a South Pole summer be enough to thaw two icy hearts?

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A taste of what’s in store in Maid for the South Pole:


Ice, ice and more ice unfolded below, until the blocky buildings of Davis Station came into view, sitting on the only patch of rock in a sea of white. Eric brought the helicopter down behind the buildings, beside what he said was a lake and the station’s water supply.

Jean began to help Eric unload his gear, but Eric waved him away.

“They heard us arrive, and I radioed ahead to tell them I have their special Christmas supplies. Give it five minutes and I’ll have more volunteers than I know what to do with, helping me unload. Go report to the station leader for your accommodation assignment before he knocks off for the day.”

Armed with Eric’s directions to the station leader’s office, Jean headed inside, out of the cold. He found the office occupied by a woman – definitely not a he. Cautiously, Jean knocked on the open door. “Hey, I’m looking for the station leader?”

She gave a tired wave. “That’s me, for my sins. Who’d have believed we could have a water shortage while we’re surrounded by ice? Even with shorter showers, it only stretches so far. I’m Ali, by the way.” She extended her hand across the desk.

Jean shook it. “Jean Pennant, climate change biologist from the University of Washington. Here to finish my PhD research out at Heard Island.”

Ali stared. “Jean? Spelled J-E-A-N? We all thought you were a woman.”

Jean made a show of patting down his chest, then his groin. “No, definitely not a woman.” He grinned. “If it makes you feel better, I was told the station leader here was a man. I guess it’s hard to tell when we’re all dressed alike outside.”

“True.” Ali reached for a folder on her desk and cast her eyes down on the contents. “You’re here for your accommodation assignment, yes? It looks like you’re in luck. You’re housed with the summer Met team in SAM, the Summer Accommodation Module.” She pulled a page out of the back of the folder and marked it with two crosses. “You’re here. Your sleeping quarters are here.” She tapped the paper with her pen. “That’s Living Quarters, where we do pretty much everything else except work and sleep.”

“Sounds pretty simple,” Jean said, craning his neck to look at the map.

“Here.” Ali handed it to him. “I’ll let you get settled in today. Tomorrow, one of the training officers will take you through all our station procedures, so you know what’s what. They’ll schedule you in for the next round of survival training, too, before you go on your expedition. Have fun.”

That sounded like a dismissal to Jean, so he thanked her and headed out.

His boots crunched on the grey gravel road as he trudged up to his temporary home, a big, red barn of a place. As long as it was warm inside, he didn’t care what it looked like. The sleeping quarters were easy to identify because they had people’s names on the doors. Two to a room. He hoped his new roommate didn’t snore, like the geologists he’d shared with on Heard Island last year. If he did, Jean would requisition some earplugs from Stores tomorrow.

Just like on the map, his room was right at the end of a corridor. Jean knocked cautiously, but he received no response from inside, so he cracked the door open. Light flooded through the window, revealing an empty room. Empty of people, at least, seeing as his roommate had already claimed the top bunk and half of the available storage space. A closed laptop sat on the desk, beside a box of tampons.

Jean’s bag thumped to the floor. He knew a few marine biologists who used tampons in their waterproof camera housings to absorb moisture, but Ali had said he was rooming with a meteorologist, not a marine biologist or a photographer. An amateur photographer, maybe?

Jean checked the door. His name was definitely on it, below one that looked vaguely familiar: Audra Zujute. Where had he heard that before?

An image of Doug came to mind. That was right. Doug had talked about someone called Audra. It wasn’t exactly a common name, so it was probably the same woman Doug said had nursed him aboard the icebreaker last year. Probably best to take the crewman’s advice and thank her, then, in case she remembered him later and thought he was an ungrateful asshole. Maybe if he saw her, it might jog his memory of the days aboard the ship. Hey, it was worth a shot.

In the meantime, he decided to check his email, seeing as Ali had given him the station’s wi-fi password. Perhaps Louis had sent through some new corrections on the chapters Jean had emailed him from McMurdo. Sure enough, he had – enough to keep Jean busy for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

He lost track of time, reading comment after comment and making the required changes. The light coming through the window faded to darkness without Jean taking his eyes off his tablet.

It wasn’t until the door handle rattled that Jean’s thoughts strayed from anything that involved penguins. He leaped to his feet, smoothing down his shirt. The last time she’d seen him, he’d been badly injured and probably incoherent. He wanted to make a better impression this time.

As the door swung open, Jean marched forward, sticking his hand out. “Hi, I’m Jean-Pierre, your new roommate. You must be Audra. I believe I owe you for what you did on the Aurora Australis last year.”

Her already large eyes widened as her face paled. “Shit,” she said, before she turned on her heel and strode off.



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Fallen Soldier Full Cover.jpg


➹⁀☆҉ ✨☆҉‿➹⁀AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER ➹⁀☆҉✨☆҉‿➹⁀

✨Coming Veterans Day✨

#solider #military #pride #honor #dedication

Fallen Soldier, Risen Pride 
ByLayla Stevens&Rhonda Reuther

Taking a deep breath, he reached in his back pocket and said, “This came for you today. It was certified. I signed for you and I’ve held it all day but you need to read it.”
“What is it dad?” 
“It’s from the Department of Defense, honey. I didn’t tell your mother. She’s so excited that you are finally home. I hope it’s your final discharge papers but I have a gut feeling that it’s not.” He said as he handed me the envelope.
Taking the envelope, I’m not sure if I wanted to open it or just chuck it in the trash. However, my military instincts kicked in and I opened it. Unfolding the letter, I immediately sat down next to my dad and hung my head. He takes it out of my hands and reads it himself. 
“Can they do that?” he asks with a strain in his voice.
“I guess they can dad. I’m not sure. I know of a few fellow soldiers who have had this same letter. I just hoped I would never get one.” Link:


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