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January 2017 Book Wrap-up


Here we are my darlings, my January 2017 Book Wrap-up!

I have given myself a goal of 100 books to read for 2017 (via my Goodreads challenge). If I keep this pace up then I will have no problem completing this. I have been devouring every book I have been getting my hands on, and reading everything so much quicker than I normally do. Though this means that I am reading more, it also means that I don’t get to enjoy and savor some of these stories as much as I would like. Oh…the curses of being a fast reader.

Throne of Glass



The Throne of Glass series…*sigh*. I demolished all five of the books in a week, and let me tell you…I WISH I would have slowed down.  This series is INSANELY amazing! Our main character is a lethal and sharp-edged female assassin, and we follow her as she is hired by her kingdoms enemy to slaughter her own people. As the books go on, the story only gets better and the reader becomes overly invested in the lives of each of these badass characters. I am patiently waiting for the next book in the series, and you can be sure that I will be reading this series over at least once this year.  

Flicker and Mist


Flicker and Mist involves invisibility and a large amount of segregation between different races. Myra is half Plat and half Leftie and has the ability to flicker, or become invisible. As flickering is outlawed in New Heart City, which predominantly consists of Plats, this story follows Myra and other Flickerkin as they fight against being killed for their abilities.  Though I wish this story dove deeper into the creative writing and the story was more drawn out, I found it to be very entertaining and a unique story.



I just LOVED this book…talk about nostalgia overload! Otherworld plays with the idea of turning our imaginations and daydreams into worlds that we can actually walk through and experience. The author did a wonderful job of combining something from everyone’s childhood into this story. Though it follows a very young main character, this highly imaginative story can target every audience. I can’t recommend this story enough! It is a heart-string puller.



Lodging is a short story that is sure to make you really REALLY sad. This story takes the reader back to WWII and gives them a taste of some very real experiences that young adults faced during the war. This story touches on the young men that went away to war, as well as the effects that it had on many young women in that time. Call me crazy, but I have been trying my hardest lately to find a book that will bring me to tears and crush my soul a little. This story is probably what kick started it.

The Other Inheritance


…*sigh*…this book.

If you guys read my review for this story, you already know my feelings. I might have completely ripped this book apart, but trust me it was necessary. I tried my hardest to stay optimistic while reading this fantasy story, but it was just flat and executed poorly. The characters made me cringe and the descriptions of the worlds and magic didn’t feel at all complete. Not my cup of tea AT ALL.

Butterfly Bones


Butterfly Bones is yet another fantasy book that I was gifted from Netgalley. Once again for this month, I came across another book that is truly unique and veering off the yellow brick road to take their own path. Our main character Bethany suffers from a rare bone disease that makes her look like a child, when she is in fact fifteen. As Bethany struggles with her vicious high school peers, she also deal with being injected daily with butterfly hormones from her father…in the hopes that he can find a cure for her. This is a very bitter-sweet coming-of-age story that falls into the science-fiction/fantasy realm as the story progresses. I thought this book was GREAT and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Chat Love


Last but not least, Chat Love. This is a quirky story that touches on the struggles of finding love and the awkwardness of online dating. We follow a young woman as she goes on dates that range from unmemorable to completely insane. This book was packed with comedy and snarky comments, and I loved the main characters. If you guys are looking for a relatable story, look no further. You are sure to find a moment in this story that resembles an embarrassing experience in your life. You’re welcome.


37 thoughts on “January 2017 Book Wrap-up

  1. I’m a fast reader too, and I think it’s why I love re-reading books so much. But then when you are re-reading you aren’t reading new books…so that can be quite annoying lol. I’m glad you love the Throne of Glass series, they are my favourites!! I hope your heart didn’t get ripped out too much at the end of EoS!!! You had a good reading month!!

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  2. Looking forward to checking out Otherworld. Is it a self pub, or should I be able to find it easily? The cover looks like it could go either way.

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  3. I’m also a fast reader and have a tendency to just devour things as well. So much so that I’ve finally gotten to the point where, if it’s a favorite author’s new release, I just resort to reading them twice. I devour it the first time around and then immediately read it again. Once I’ve devoured it, I can savor a little better. And since I’m a fast reader, reading it twice doesn’t take *that* much longer. 🙂

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  4. I wish I was a faster reader sometimes! Though I think I COULD be one, especially with books that just grab my attention and won’t let me leave until I turn that very last page! I’ve had two of those books so far this year and couldn’t be more happy!

    I remember when I started reading the Throne Of Glass series, I flew through it too and actually stayed up alllll night to finish Heir Of Fire and then regretted my life choices seeing how it was only January and Queen Of Shadows was still soo far away! I have TOG on my re-read list for the end of 2017 to prepare myself for that final book coming out in May now (so sad about that)!

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  5. So glad you’re loving the Throne Of Glass series! I’m just over 200 pages through Empire Of Storms and I’m loving it! Did you hear the latest news? A book all about Chaol is coming out next as an extra book before the final book comes out in 2018! 😁

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  6. Wow. I congratulate you on your ability to read quickly and on your ability to write such interesting and informative reviews. My humble reviews are lightweight in comparison. Thank you for visiting Bob’s page

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