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The 2019 TBR Book List

2019 TBR Heading

Happy New Year boys and girls! My 2019 book goals have been dutifully organized and perfected into tiny little stars, put into a glass tea kettle and now wait earnestly to be chosen. My glorious list of books for 2019 goes well over my Goodreads goal to read 100 books, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

IMG_20190101_095541_553 (002)

This 2019 list includes books from authors, publishing houses and Netgalley, both new and old. Seeing as how this list does NOT include the books I will be receiving this year from author and publishers, I think we can all agree that I have my work cut out for me.

This just might be a book fiend’s dream!


Deep breath kids, this list is a big one! 😉


Let me know if we share books for our 2019 TBR, or if you have read any of these! I love hearing what you guys think!

On that note, I better get reading. I have a long ways to go! XoXo



36 thoughts on “The 2019 TBR Book List

  1. That’s quite a list! I haven’t even counted all mine up. I’m supposed to be working through my TBR, but I can think of at least three new releases I’ll pick up just off the top of my head. And that’s without factoring in my library addiction…

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    1. Yes this is over 100 books, and I’m definitely not even factoring in the books I’ll either buy or receive this year. I’m trying to catch up, I’m SO behind on my TBR list. Super excited about some upcoming releases too!


  2. Honestly, there’s only a handful I know, but their covers make it seem they are the kind of book I’d like. I haven’t finished counting my tbr but it seems like it’s going to surpass my goodreads goal too 😅 Good Luck to us all I guess!

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  3. Your website is fantastic and your list is insane! I could only hope to have a list that big if I didn’t work, didn’t go anywhere, and stayed up all night throughout 2019. I’m inspired.

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