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Book Review: Dead Dog (Zombie Dog Series, Book 2) by Doug Goodman

51tmqwFL3VL – Dead Dog (Zombie Dog Series, Book 2) by Doug Goodman – Dead Dog (zombie Dog Series, Book 2) by Doug Goodman

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of this book by the author, Doug Goodman, for an honest review

Genre: Fiction/Horror/Suspense

Plot: He couldn’t run anymore. He was just too tired. And the undead were getting closer. He wondered how long he could survive in the desert heat? His only hope for being found was a woman from halfway across the country and her uniquely talented dog, Murder.

For Angie Graves, hunting the dead was nothing new. She’d hunted them from the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the bayous of Houston. But this vast national park the size of Rhode Island? The task seemed impossible. The scents were vanishing. Could Murder find the undead in time? Could she trust her dog?


Trust your dog. Trust your dog. Trust your dog. But never trust a zombie.”

Angie Graves, The Zombie Dog’s Handbook

These isn’t your regular zombie story.

It was in Colorado that Angie first came across a zombie when she was working on a case with one of her Cadaver Dogs, a dog that finds corpses. Nothing could have been more disturbing and grotesque to find that giant wasps had embedded themselves into the skulls of humans, in order to feed on other humans and reproduce. But after a dangerous search in the Colorado wildfires ended in the retrieval of a young girl, the services of Angie and her zombie tracking dog Murder are in high demand. With the outbreak of zombies in Harris county making Houston “Ground Zero”, Angie and her faithful dog are enlisted to help Harris County Wasp Control Unit in eradicating the threat. But a new group called the Missing Lone Stars who have come to Houston in order to help the zombie problem, succeed more in making a spectacle of it and Angie’s work. To make matters worse, a young park ranger frantically comes to Angie in need of dire assistance. He claims that a zombie is in the Big Bend National Park, though it seems impossible that one would have made it so far. But when a young hiker’s life is on the line in Big Bend, Angie makes the decision to change course. Now Angie must depend on Murder to find the trail to the zombies, and to a hopefully still alive hiker.

BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER, be sure to read my review for book of the Zombie Dog Series, Cadaver Dog.

It has been a LONG while since I have had the immense pleasure of following Angie and Murder into the depths of zombie hell! But might I say you guys, it is GOOD to be back. Now let’s first begin with why I love this author, Doug Goodman, so much. I first read Cadaver Dog, book one in this series, back in 2015. So naturally, when I picked up Dead Dog and was about to begin my glorious descent into horror oblivion, I suddenly panicked at the thought that I may need a refresher of what happened! But to my wondrous surprise that included a loud “HAH!” from me, Doug did what no author I had read before or after him had done before.

He put the most beautifully, depressing and haunting dedication I have ever seen.

And then, he put in a recap of book one. Without having to even be asked.

Doug, you amazing man!

So since I was able to jump right into this story, let’s do the same! Our main characters are of course Angie and Murder. Angie has most of her experience in training dogs to find dead bodies, a skill she uses to help find missing people or to solve cases for the police. She is a saucy young woman who has a love for dogs, and a tolerance for her fellow people. Murder is a dog Angie had found abandoned and half dead on the side of the road, having gained his name by being almost eaten alive by a murder of crows. After one of Angie’s cases leads to the discovery of zombies, her services swiftly change and she begins training Murder to track zombies.

But these zombies, are so NOT your regular zombies! Sure. They walk around like gurgling drunk college students, and yes, they like to eat other people. BUT. These zombies are controlled by giant wasps that have attached themselves to the back of their skulls. These things use their giant stingers, insert them in the back of the head to control the body, and just have them walking around finding other humans to gnaw on! To make it slightly more disgusting, inserting those stingers is ALSO how they reproduce

I’ll let that sink in.

Go ahead and vomit a little, I can wait.

Usually I would find myself a tad bored following characters into forests and foliage while they follow scents and tracks. But Dead Dog makes it impossible to get bored or lose interest. There is CONSTANT excitement, turmoil and danger around ever corner. I found myself in a constant state of anxiety while reading, because I was expecting a wasp stinger to come out of nowhere and attack someone’s face! Thankfully, I can report that a stinger to the face doesn’t happen…*gag*. But with a new adventure, comes new characters! A few saucy volunteers, some entertaining park rangers, and even a haughty woman hell-bent on ruining Angie’s career for no apparent reason! OH! Happy day. Our story really picks up when new main character, Tyler, arrives on Angie’s doorstep. Tyler is a young Park Ranger who thinks that zombies may have infiltrated the Big Bend National Park after stumbling upon a dog that was practically ripped apart. His character is quick and intuitive, and I find him to be a great match to work with Angie and Murder. He proves to be an extreme asset to their team when they go out searching for zombies in Big Bend, and he inspires some touching and special moments with our usually tough and closed-off Angie.

“The great big, blue, cloudless sky rained heat down on his isolated hell. He was ostracized by fate and nature’s cruel designs from the world. From technology. From his loved ones.”

But as always, the real gem of these stories by Doug  Goodman is the writing. This author has a true knack for writing a detailed story that the reader feels almost trapped in, but ensures the reader won’t feel confused or overwhelmed in by too much wording. There is one chapter in particular that comes to mind, and it is when our lost hiker is stumbling through Big Bend. He has been lost for days, is being followed by zombies, and quite frankly having one hell of a mind trip. It isn’t a long chapter, just about two pages of hallucinations and sadness. But after I read it I put my book down, blew out a deep breath, and just said “well s**t”.

“By nightfall, he had crossed a desert of sand and stone. He stopped to pull a needle out of his boot, but found that it had impaled his toe. He was bleeding now. He hoped that didn’t attract coyotes, but more importantly, he wanted to drink his blood. It glistened like water. He knew it was a messed up idea. But there it was. Drink your own blood.”

I obviously can’t give much more away about this fantastic follow up to Cadaver Dog, even though I could probably go on about it for another three pages. I am honored to be able to read and review these books for Doug, and to be able to share his amazing work with readers. I can only hope that there is plenty more of his writing in the future, and I cannot wait to get my hands on book three in this series. I HIGHLY recommend you guys try this series out. Even if the genre isn’t for you, the writing will hook you and make you obsessed. Trust me. I know these things.




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CADAVER DOG by Doug Goodman

26141570This will be available for purchase on October 13, 2015, you can Pre-order a copy now per the below link: – Cadaver Dog by Doug Goodman

Disclaimer: I was sent an ARC copy of this book by the author, Doug Goodman, for an honest review

Genre: Fiction/Horror/Suspense

Plot: Angie Graves is a Search and Rescue volunteer and a human remains dog handler. She and her Labrador Retriever, Waylon, make a good cadaver dog team that searches for lost remains in Colorado. But ever since the dead began to walk, there has been a need for tracking and capturing them. The city of Jack Calf believes Angie may be the answer. Angie is not so sure. She needs a different dog, for starters, and the only one available is a dog named Murder who she rescued off the highway. He is ornery, defensive, and obsessive, but if they can work together, they may be the best answer to the zombie plague.

Opinion: This is a pretty quick read, only about 130 pages, but don’t let that keep you from reading it. For how short this story is, it is PACKED with detail and suspense. If you are like me, I have never read a book or heard much information about cadaver dogs (dogs that are trained to find dead humans, as well as sniff out bombs or track). The fact that this author, Doug Goodman, is actually a volunteer for search and rescues and is a human remains dog handler…makes this story feel almost too realistic. But in the best way possible.

“Training a dog to track a zombie is like training a cadaver dog or a bomb dog. It takes patience, trust, and the right dog-and-handler team. And to not be afraid of zombies.”

-Angie Graves, The Zombie Dog’s Handbook

This story starts out with the reader meeting our main character, Angie, who is brought to an investigation where a dead body was reported to be seen. Angie and her cadaver dog, Waylon, start their search for the dead body, but instead come across a zombie. The zombies in this story are unlike any other zombies you have read about. These corpses are controlled by the Crimson Wasps, who attach their stingers to the skulls of the dead bodies to control them. Not only are these wasps highly dangerous, but a theory has been made by Dr. Saracen of Animal Control that the wasps are kidnapping children and the elderly to use them as food for the larvae of the wasps. Now Angie must train one of her dogs, a black and blue dog named Murder that she found on the side of the road, to track the zombies and save a young girl that was kidnapped.

It is not very often that you find (or in my case are given) a book that can so effortlessly combine real-life traits and experiences, twist them into something right off of a Hollywood movie set, and then deliver it in a way that makes it almost frightening because it is so believable. I fully enjoyed this read, and wasn’t bored once. The “downtime” in books can sometimes get me uninterested where I either skip ahead or put the book down, but this author knew just how to keep the less exciting events…eventful. I loved that I was learning about the training of cadaver dogs while enjoying a fictional novel, I almost feel like a professional dog trainer now 😉 . Not only does the reader get inside experience into how these dogs train, but we also learn how their sense of smell is used as to work like a brain to problem solve and search. So cool.

The style of writing that Doug Goodman has is, to put it best, simple but eloquent. He has this amazing way of using his fantastic vocabulary where the reader doesn’t get lost and say to themselves, Wait, what?! He has great comparisons, the right amount of detail, and some very enjoyable humor throughout the book:

“Labs were a special kind of stupid. Case in point, Murder was smart enough to recognize the danger and wake her up, but then he started dancing around the fire-out of harm’s distance-with all the attention-hounding of a rump shaker in a rap video.”


“Nice dog. What breed is he?”


Another thing I noticed while reading, was the author doesn’t start out by going into full detail of the age and appearance of Angie. Usually authors love to put their character in front of a mirror at the beginning of their story, make them look at themselves, and then think about their own appearance. This author went a different route entirely, he dropped little clues throughout the book about what Angie looks like, but didn’t start to mention what her age MIGHT be until about the second half of the book. Even then, he doesn’t give you a straight answer, which I thought was pretty refreshing. One last thing, and I swear I’ll shut up 😉 . The fact of naming a dog Murder, that just happened to turn out being a zombie hunter, was genius. The way he got his name Murder was clever and original, I feel in love with this goofy dog that was obsessed with his toy chicken.

If you still aren’t sure about reading this book, JUST DO IT. Live a little. This was a very different book from what I usually stick to reading, but I am SO glad that I read it. If you enjoy zombies, dogs, fictional adventure, or a little horror…read this. You will be so happy that you did, and better yet, there is going to be a sequel! 🙂