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FAIRY MAGIC (Dragon Born Awakening Book 1) by Ella Summers

Ella Summers Fairy Magic cover

✯✯Fairy Magic is LIVE✯✯

Fairy Magic is the first book in the Dragon Born Awakening urban fantasy series by Ella Summers


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Half-fairy mercenary Naomi Garland has spent her whole life caught between two worlds. She’s learned to depend on her sword instead of her weak magic. But when a mission to save kidnapped supernaturals in Munich goes horribly wrong, she discovers an ancient fairy magic she never knew she had: the power to navigate realms.



Naomi uncovers a tear in the veil between earth and the underworld, the home realm of spirits, demons, and ghosts—and the prison of criminals banished there because they were too dangerous and demented for the earth. To stop the rising hellish army and repair the boundaries between realms, Naomi has to journey into the underworld to find a powerful ally, a dark and tempting Dragon Born mage who has been imprisoned there for seven hundred years.

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REVELATIONS: CAST IN BLOOD (Book 1) by: Christine Sutton, Lisa Lane, and Jaime Johnesee

51wI4dT1o3L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_ – Revelations: Cast in Blood

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by Raven PA, for an honest review.

Genre: YA/Adult/Fiction/Fantasy

Plot: An unknown force threatens Heaven and Hell, along with every soul on Earth. Three unlikely heroes join together to restore universal balance. Will their shared adversary initiate an Apocalypse before they’re able to uncover the truth, or will they rise to a calling that has, from the beginning of time, been Cast in Blood?

Opinion: This is book 1 in the Revelations series by not one, but THREE authors. It is an interesting take on Heaven and Hell, Angels and Demons, an apocalypse, and the backstory between God and Lucifer.

This story starts out following one of our main characters named Lenore, or Lenny, who is a “closet” shapeshifter. After living a life on the streets, Lenny finally finds sanctuary in a church organization called Children of Light, which is run by the ever bizarre Father Hershel Chambers. Children of Light works as an outreach program instilled to help the community and assists the homeless, or so Lenny is told. Soon, the place and leader that Lenny was starting to believe in turns out to be something completely different when she is introduced to Lucifer’s first knight, Polly. Polly (Appollyn), our second main character, is the right-hand woman to Lucifer in Hell and works as the bounty hunter for escapees. As Polly is lead to the Children of Light to find an escaped Djinn, she comes across something that is much bigger than anything she could have imagined. Once Lucifer realizes that there is a significant lack of souls coming into Hell, it soon comes to light that someone or something is stealing souls from both Heaven and Hell. She (yes, Lucifer is a woman) puts Polly, Lenny, and a succubus by the name of Drew to work to find out what is going on and to restore balance back to the world before it’s too late.

I honestly had a bit of a rocky start with this book. I had barely any kind of a book description which, by the way, has been driving me ABSOLUTELY INSANE lately! I understand the idea of wanting to leave a little mystery to your story and not wanting to give too much away, but really? I need a little bit more to go off of here! Anyways, I started reading this book with only the generalization of what it was about. Demons, Heaven and hell, epic battle for the ages, blah blah blah. The first few chapters I got hooked following Lenny around this cult-like place she had started residing in. But once the story turned over to Polly and she was going through the details of her duties and her plans, I got a bit…bored. Why? Well, I felt like there was just TOO much explaining and ongoing dialogue with herself. As you all know, I am a crazy person about needing details and description in a story but I don’t want to feel like the character has just run away with her thoughts. In this case, sometimes less is more. On a positive note, this style of writing starts to taper off during the rest of the story and takes on a better flow.

Something interesting: this story has three authors and each author took on the role of one of the characters. I LOVE this idea! It definitely lets the writers give their own style and flare to the character; as well as, assists each character in keeping their originality. I have always liked a book about demons and angels, and I especially enjoy seeing how an author puts their own creative spin on iconic characters. I thought turning Lucifer into a woman was very welcome and different, and making the main characters a core of strong butt-kicking women was AWESOME! These authors did a great job of developing a backstory for this world and they even incorporated the Greek gods into it. In regards to Drew, who is a succubus, and Lenny, who is a shapeshifter; these characters started out not knowing too much about their powers and abilities. I found it unrealistic that they both just MAGICALLY figured out how to control their skills and master them. This part just didn’t seem very realistic to me, but then again, this entire story isn’t too realistic is it? Fair enough.

Though I was unsure at first with this book, I turned out to really enjoy it and found myself quite hooked on the story-line. This is book one of the series, so I will probably end up going to purchase book 2 Cast in Fire on If you guys enjoy The Mortal Instruments series or anything that incorporates Heaven and Hell into their story, but hates when romance gets in the way, this series is for you! Did I mention there is NO ROMANCE?! Yes I know, awesome.

3 Stars


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Cover Reveal & Kindle Fire Giveaway!!


COVER REVEAL & Kindle Fire Giveaway!

How to Save a Life by Emma Scott

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Josephine Clark is trapped. A harrowing past haunts her every time she looks in the mirror, and she can’t escape the violence of her everyday life. More and more, her thoughts turn to Evan Salinger, the boy she knew in high school. The boy they called a mental case. A loner. A freak. The boy who seemed to know things no one could know. For a few short weeks, Jo had found perfect solace in Evan’s company, sneaking every night to meet him at the local pool. In the cool of the water and the warmth of Evan’s arms around her, Jo had tasted something close to happiness. Cruel circumstances tore them apart, and four years later, the sweet memory of their time together is dissolving under the punishing reality of Jo’s life now. Evan seems like a fading dream…until he reappears at the moment she needs him most. Guided by Evan’s strange intuition, they flee her small Louisiana town, running from police and criminals alike, and Jo begins to suspect there is something more to his sudden return than he admits. Over twelve days across America’s heartland, deep secrets come to light, buried pasts are unearthed, and the line between dreams and reality is blurred as Evan and Jo fight to hold on to their soul-deep love, and discover that there is more than one way to save a life. How to Save a Life is a complete second-chance STANDALONE novel with some shades of the paranormal. It carries the characters from high school through to their early twenties. It is not YA; mature subject matter and sexual situations. For readers 18 years and up.

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51h6mWTHlrL._SX323_BO1,204,203, – Wonderwall

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by Raven PA, for an honest review.

Genre: Fiction/Mature YA/Adult/Romance

Plot: There is something magical when best friends fall in love. Liv and Sebastian used to be inseparable until circumstances beyond their control destroyed their fairytale romance to dust.

Liv hasn’t seen Sebastian since he walked out of her life five years ago. When she accepted her internship in London, she never dreamed their paths would cross again. Not when Sebastian is a celebrity, a singer in one of the most popular boy bands of all times. Living in the same city, their worlds couldn’t be farther apart. But when two people are destined to be together, they can’t outrun fate.

*Note from author: Due to mature content, this novel is recommended to readers 18+

Opinion: This book will take the reader through a youthful and adorable romance that has its fair share of emotional roller coasters and tribulations. The author takes a romance from an early youth and blossoms it into a romance for the young adult, but be weary of explicit scenes and in depth scenarios between our main characters.

In early high school Sebastian and Liv were best friends and next door neighbors, but soon their relationship turned into something more. Soon after they had quickly fallen for each other, tragedy struck Sebastian and his only way to cope was to leave Liv and move to London with his extended family. Now, five years later, Sebastian is a singer in one of the most popular boy bands in the UK (and the world) and it is impossible for Liv to escape her memories of how he left her. But after Liv accepts an internship at a high-end hotel as an events coordinator, she finds that their paths might be destined to cross again.

Call me repetitive and predictable, but I couldn’t get into the character of Sebastian at all. I really should check on my sensitive side at this point because every time I meet a whiny and emotional character I want to vomit. The reasoning is this: there is a way to make your character caring and passionate about something without making them sound completely…annoying. At the beginning of the story I thought the writer captured the essence of Sebastian and Liv perfectly, their emotional levels felt like teenagers. They thought, spoke, acted, and read (no, not like they were literally reading in the story 😉 ) like actual teenagers. But, as the story moved on and the characters go older, I found that they still had the emotional state of teenagers…the only difference is they were having sex like maniacs. Yeah, MANIACS. I swear this book went from “Aw, how cute!” to *sideways eye glance* “Whhhhatttt?”. Color me REALLY SURPRISED by that development.

All main male character loathing aside, the writing style that the author has is perfect for this Mature YA story. This writing is straight forward, and the author does a fairly decent job of explaining the pain the Liv feels after Sebastian breaks her heart. There is always room for more details and description when describing the emotions that a character is feeling, but for this work I think what was written works great. This story goes back and forth in writing in the voices of Sebastian and Liv, and in one scene with Sebastian I felt like I had literally stepped into the mind of a twenty-year-old guy! The author made his thoughts clipped and dismissive, he was noncommittal with everything, and didn’t give any experience or conversation a second thought. I sat there thinking how spot on his character felt in that moment, so I was a little disappointed to see him get so mushy in the end. But who knows…maybe guys really are that sensitive on the inside…? HAH 😉

Overall, this is a romantic and touching story about a guy getting the girl of his dreams back. If you are REALLY into young love, heartbreak, drama, and a guy pouring his heart out to a girl, then you will probably love this book to the ends of the earth and back. For me, it was just a little too mushy and sensitive for my taste. Please also make sure you understand that there is sexual content in this book, so if you are like me and don’t really enjoy that in a book…then maybe be cautious of this one. Also, if this book sounded interesting to you then READ IT! This is only my opinion, so don’t let that sway something you can enjoy. 🙂

3 Stars612B40E9C1CD2F68AD9B9A8097CED4FF

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Emma Scott’s Cover Reveal!!!

Endless Possibility, a RUSH novella by Emma Scott Cover Reveal

Hosted by Raven. PA


After the disastrous Planet X party, Noah Lake knows he must to learn to cope with his anger and bitterness, to learn to live as he is and not as he had been. He sets out on an impossible journey, alone. in the hopes of making himself worthy of Charlotte’s love, and to slay the demons of an old life that is lost to him.

As he makes his arduous way across Europe, following Charlotte’s tour, Noah writes of his experiences that will become his memoir, and it is only after reading his words that Charlotte comes to fully understand the hardships Noah endured for their sake; a journey that nearly broke him in mind, body, and spirit. She knows what she must do: show Noah that while she is the light in his darkness, he is the music in her heart, and that without him, she’d be just as lost.

Endless Possibility is the final chapters in a love story about acceptance, peace, and the bond between two souls who have found their equal in each other, and the happily ever after they both deserve.

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