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Readers! As promised, here is the cover reveal for the fourth book in the Fluorescence SeriesLost Souls!!

Fluorescence: LOST SOULS (P. Anastasia)

This book will be up for PRE-ORDER on Kindle Feb 5th, 2016. It will be available on Kindle ebook via, and paperback at Barnes & Noble, amazon (worldwide), and most major book retailers online.


Book SUMMARY (Fluorescence: Lost Souls):

The final installment in the Fluorescence Tetralogy, Lost Souls, tears to shreds everything you thought you knew about the Fluorescent Ones. David’s been hiding something from the group, but it’s nothing compared to what the ghoulish, grey Saviors have been keeping from them all.

The disease is spreading and people are dying. With a new ally at their side, and David’s life hanging in the balance, the Fluorescent Ones must put their lives on the line to find a cure.


“My name’s David Ember.

A lot has happened since this nightmare began. We’ve all been uprooted from our homes, friends, and families.

Every day is a challenge as we fight to save the human race. All because of this light inside us—fluorescence—and the disease that came with it.

Death follows us wherever we go, and the Saviors’ deeds continue to fuel its insatiable hunger.

We can’t give up. We can’t let them take us out. We have to find a cure.

We have to save you and the ones we love.

Or die trying.”

Don’t forget to also get the first three books in the series, if you haven’t already! Fire Starter, Contagious, and Fallout.



To be alerted of when Book 4 – Lost Souls goes LIVE/Pre-order/On Sale, you can follow the author, P. Anastasia, on FB at or join her mailing list at

For more information about the series head to the Official website:


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